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2021 Lake Of The Woods Walleye Challenge  

Contact Information. 

Patrick Handorgan (Organizer) - 807-276-0311 (Cell)

Email address - [email protected]

Sheila Gate - 807-488-5733

Box 305 Morson, Ontario.

Ball Park Road #24 P0W1J0

Hello My name is Patrick Handorgan, I am the Organizer of Lake of The Woods Walleye Challenge and it has been my pleasure to have volunteered all these years and to have made it this far with this tournament and each year being more of a success then the last. The Walleye Challenge is only growing bigger every year with more number of boats coming together to fish this friendly competition full of 100% pay out and for the fisherman of all sorts and from near and far to come out and enjoy these beautiful out doors of ours as much as I do.

I am looking forward to all the years to come and looking forward to all the new faces year after year. My goal was that this place needed some body that had a vision for our home town Morson to bring other excitement and economics where people can gather and experience our exciting fishing action with all the stories about the fish that got away,. We need a tournament with rules that are not tough to follow. A tournament that is geared to family fishing and that is exactly what this tournament is about!.

I've fished competition for a long time through out my life in many different areas and different waters and at my age, it seems a long time and also a long shot! but to put a tournament together like this and for the people to volunteer their personal time and have the sponsors that this tournament has, I don't think this event would be possible.

Having a walleye tournament that is growing slowly but growing , and that is 100% payout... you can thank the sponsors for that. If it was not for the good people that come together to support the community of Morson each year this would not have become what it is today.

And as for me. It is a privilege to run this tournament along with all the volunteer's, it takes a lot of work but hey.. its only once a year, and it is home. I look forward to answering all of your questions. Thank you for supporting and being a huge part of making this happen. Not only for me as i love the outdoors, But for the rest of the anglers and spectators looking for something new to join in on. I'll see you all next year at the 2016 walleye challenge.